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Most of our classes require completion of on line training before the commencement of in person training.  You will be sent a link and login code to access the academic portions of your class as soon as you have reserved a seat.  Your instructor will communicate with you on progress and any concerns as you progress through your class.  Travel and excursions do not generally require advanced academics or briefing of any kind unless they are offered for the purposes of a certification class.


PLEASE NOTE: Class and excursion seats are NOT guaranteed until SEAduction® has received a non-refundable deposit as indicated in the event.  Deposits are accepted by PayPal and Zell, we no longer accept credit cards directly.  To make a reservation or get answers to any questions you may have please use the email on the specific event listing.  We do understand that extenuating circumstance occur and you may need to change a class date.  In our sole discretion we will attempt to move your deposit to future date when we can and the situation dictates.  This is more difficult for travel than classes and in cases where we have made deposits on your behalf we can only accommodate the changes if we can resell your seat after all available seats have been filled.